The Arth course is the ultimate introduction to hair dressing. This course is for everyone who dreams to become a great hairdresser. This course has been created by L'Oreal Professionel in collaboration with some of the world's best hair dresser and teaches you the latest cutting, colouring and styling techniques as well as empowers you with great inter personal and retail skills with separates YOU from the rest. Your fast track to success and all you need to bring with you is vision, creativity and enthusiasm to learn. So enjoy the excitement, be inspired by the passion and take control of your future.

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Cutting Techniques

At the heart of our beginners programme is the 'Cut & Styling' curriculum developed by the world's greatest hair dressing gurus, exclusive to L'Oreal Professionals. The totally unique and cutting edge techniques have been created based on the philosophy that "Great hair dressing needs to be simple and fast and yet creative and ingenious

Colouration Techniques

Learn the science of colour and the foundations of creative colouring techniques - abundant to make you the perfect colourist. Colour seminars will be taught by L'Oreal Professionel technicians. On the successful completion of these modules you will be awarded additional certification from L'Oreal Professionel.


The aim of the communication session is to encourage students to broaden their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing - an asset beneficial in every aspect of life. Topics covered in the course include understanding customer requirements, importance of a good attitude, body language and proficiency in handling customer grievances.


Hair Care & Treatments

Hair can be a powerful statement and a testament to one's beauty. Taking care of it and nourishing it is just as important. With the Arth curriculum you will learn compatibility of hair care products for for different hair types - their composition and reactions of molecules on hair and how to manage scalp concerns like sensitivity and dandruff. You will also be able to discern on the kind of treatments that address concerns for dryness, sensitized and coloured hair.

of Hair - Science & Composition

With the Arth curriculum, aspiring hairdressers will learn and understand how hair is not just what we can see and feel. You will learn complex scientific and biological reactions that add to the vibrant life of hair. You will learn about the hair structure, life-cycle of hair, different hair types and the causes of various hair and scalp concerns like hair loss, dandruff etc.


Much like a sculptor who can create so many different shapes from the same material, stylist can let their imaginations run free with hair. With the immense diversity of natural hair shapes you can learn Perm & Straightening basics through product knowledge and compositions, technologies used and a range of techniques that will enable you to transform a customers look