Page3 Academy in partnership with Make-UP Studio, Amsterdam brings for the first time in South India an elaborate assortment of high quality, multipurpose products in an infinite colour palette for demanding professionals. Today, it is the brand of choice among makeup professionals in more than 70 countries across the globe. We at Make-up Studio sees the importance of formal education in make-up and therefore brings the opportunity to learn this art in a professional environment through our Partner Academies.

The Brand

The brand was launched in India in the year 2006 and currently has a strong pres ence in more than 85 cities. Over the past decade Make-up Studio has brought about a lot of innovations in products, textures and applicators. It has also formulated products specifically for Asian skin types.


Our programmes have been immaculately designed to prepare the novices to become fully trained and to turn the experts in the fields, the maverick! Moreover, the certification helps them get a global recognition. The training program will help students to enhance their portfolios and highlight their ability to recognize and meet the industry’s ever-changing demands.

Make-up Artist Career: Passion to Profession

Does it fascinate you how artistry can change a person up to the point of creating new image, a new persona even? Then the career in makeup is the way to go. Makeup artists may work in a number of settings, each of which has its own set of requirements. Some makeup artists work seamlessly between industries, others focus their craft on one setting.



Makeup artists command lofty fees and possess loyal clients, their work demands a perfectionist attitude and a steady hand. With the gargantuan growth of Beauty industry in India the need for global level education is on an all-time rise and Make-up Studio is extremely proud of catering to that need. Our courses offered at the MUST Partner Academy are formulated to provide quality knowledge and experience to the passionate generation of artist to set their career paths.


Working in fashion industry, TV and film industry, cosmetic industry, running your own salon or working at a salon or else working as independent freelance are few of the career paths one can choose from numerous career options.


The course curriculum is formulated to cover different genre of make-up artistry. Each module of the curriculum is designed to teach latest techniques in make-up and how to implement them in practical. The curriculum combines of theoretical and practical sessions with intensive practice hours. Students will be assessed on regular intervals for their performance and growth.


Upon completion of your course, you are eligible to sit for the MUST Certification. This is a one-day exam which will cover the theoretical and practical concepts of make-up learnt during your 4 weeks/6 weeks course duration. The examination will be invigilated by an authorized MUST educator.